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Noahs Ark Animal Shelter

We would love to THANK everyone who gave contributions during this Holiday Season!  We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!


Karen Richards

Susan Brees

Philip Schenk

Leslie Nichols

Martha Morris

Stacy Clawson

Winna & Jerry Hankins

Rita Grey

Mary Howser

Dawn Budner

Representative Drew Springer

Wendy Rhoads DVM

Mary & Johnny Leftwich

Michael & Jullian Keolbl

Hope McGehee

Kathy & Larry Barker

Deborah Ann Raasch

Carolyn Walther

Rebecca Branham

Marion & Fritz Hoeflein

Janice & Bill Hunter

Edith Waterhouse


“In Memory of” Contributions

Diane Beckmann in Memory of Champ

Julie & Doug Mitchell in Memory of Sissie Gilbreath

Lucy Simpson in Memory of Rusty & Peppo

Charlene & Joseph deKehoe in Memory of Simon

Patricia & Daniel Schully in Memory of Melissa Schully & Dan & Fran Schully

Michelle & R.L. Keuhn in Memory of Mary McCain

Verna Mages in Memory of Norb Mages

Kathy Ramsey in Memory of Sandy Gandee

George Austerman in Memory of Kelli Austerman Tracey & Georgene Austerman

Elizabeth Hermanson in Memory of Norma Manning & David Thompson

Kathleen & Daniel Field in Memory of Kyne

Sue Shauf In Memory of Pete Shauf

Sue Martin In Memory of Gypsy

Lynette & Don Pettigrew in Memory of Cory Ralston

Kathleen & Dr. Joseph Barns in Memory of Cory Ralston

Holly & Jack Davidson in Memory of Jack Davidson

Janis & Robert Skupin in Memory of Pat Price

Carolyn & Buck Stienke in Memory of Helen White

Gina Stopher in Memory of Izzy

Gail & David Yount in Memory of Sadie & Susie

Melinda James in Memory of Gary James

Dorothy Queen in Memory of Joe Hayes

Katie Paris in Memory of Porkchop & Toby

Joyce & Harvey Katz in Memory of Tommy & Jack

Clarence & Maggie York in Memory of Joe Hoenig


In Honor of Contributions

Anna Jo Selby in Honor of Noah’s Ark Staff

Park Place Enterprises in Honor of Susie Reed

Ruth Ellen in Honor of The Paws Cause

Doris & Johnny Glenn in Honor of Micah, Jobe, Jolieigh, & Jaycee

James C Grant in Honor of Dawn Budner & Dr. Shelly

Joy & Gary Matthews in Honor of Tessa Louise & Bonnie Blu

Linda & Steven Boyer in Honor of Bella

Bonnie Patterson in Honor of Melissa Gribble

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Bauer in Honor of Melissa Gribble

Sue Martin in Honor of the Vets & Staff at Independence Clinic

Barbara & Stephen Zamets in Honor of Ziggy & Molly

Dena Montgomery-Wiggs in Honor of Talulah Belle

Dorothy & Ralph Lewis in Honor of Dr. Shelly

Nan Kreeger in Honor of Ruth Ellen

Sue Scofield & Jim McCutcheon to honor all animals

Looking for a way to help bring joy this season? Shop AmazonSmile Charity Lists at smile.amazon.com/gp/ch/list/75-3060874 to donate items to Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter.


Dear Adopters and Volunteers,
COVID-19 is scary because there is still so much unknown about the virus due to lack of testing and thus inaccurate statistics. Here is what is known, dogs and cats cannot pass the virus to people and do not carry COVID-19. Please do not be afraid to come into our shelter to adopt a companion. Our staff will limit adopters and volunteers to one person or family at a time into the shelter and will disinfect the counter, pens and door knobs with RESCUE, a potent anti-viral after each visitor. So you don’t have to wait, please call and make an appointment time. In addition, all visitors will dip the soles of their shoes in Rescue and spray their hands when they enter and leave the shelter. If adoptions fall and our partner transport shelters are too full to help us, we will have no choice but to euthanize animals to make room for the ever-increasing intake of unwanted pets. Please know that you are safe at Noah’s Ark. Come adopt a best friend today. Right now, your adoption may truly save a life.

Call 940-665-9800 to setup an appointment to visit and we do ask that you wear a mask for safety purposes!

Thank you,

Noah’s Ark Staff

Special thanks to Muenster Milling for the great food that they provide. If you would like to purchase food for the dogs at the shelter please contact Muenster Milling or D&L Farm and Home. For every bag purchased for the shelter Muenster Milling will donate food. https://muenstermilling.com/

Want to help Noah’s Ark? Check out our new Wish list!

  • Muenster Milling Perfect Balance Elite Dog Food
  • Cat litter – non-clumping
  • Canned dog and cat food
  • Dawn dishwashing liquid
  • Puppy Pads
  • Bleach
  • Paper towels
  • Copy paper
  • Rubber dog toys
  • Old bath-size towels
  • Lysol Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Trash bags – 13 gallon and 39 gallon
  • Lysol spray
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Toilet paper
  • Easy Cheese
  • Liquid soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Shelter hours: 11:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Closed Thursday and Sunday



We wish to thank the following Veterinarians for all the spays, neuters and medical assistance given to our animals:

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Noah’s Ark SPCA

is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation.


We are dependent on donations from citizens like you to provide quality care and find homes for the thousands of dogs and cats that will pass through our shelter this year.

Please mail donations to:

Noah’s Ark SPCA
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