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Noahs Ark Animal Shelter

Want to take a sneak peak at our available fur babies before coming for a visit? Please visit our Petfinder!






Majority of our shopping is through Chewy, so we have provided a wish list below in case you need ideas for what the fur babies need at the facility. We appreciate your generosity!






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We’re proud to announce we have received a spay/neuter grant from @BISSELL Pet Foundation! Out of BISSELL Pet Foundation’s partner network of over 5,000 shelters and rescues, we’re so excited that we were chosen to receive their support!

We are excited to be acknowledged by Bissell for a $5000 Grant!!

Cooper is a long term resident still searching for his furever home!! He has been with us over 6 months now, and as much as we love him we cannot wait for him to be spoiled by a family who loves him as much as we do! He is a little shy at first, but warms up so quickly. He may be a large boy, but I do not think he realizes how large he really is. He is SO well mannered and house broken. Come meet this boy and I guarantee he will steal your heart the way he did ours!!

Did you know we currently have lots of puppies?? Give us a call to come meet these precious babies! THEY ARE ADORABLE.

Branch is 2/5 puppies in his litter. These pups came to us in a really awful state but we have now nursed them back to health and they are now ready to live the good life in their furever homes! Branch is a super outgoing pup that loves people and other dogs. Branch enjoys spending his time running around and playing most hours of the day. Branch would do great in a home with other dogs and children!

Biggie is 1/5 puppies in his litter. They came to us in a really awful state but we have nursed these sweet babies back to health and they are now ready to live the good life in their furever homes! Biggie is such a love bug and really enjoys trying to sit in your lap to get the best cuddles. All the pups are super sweet and are still keeping an open heart ready to give all their love to a new family!

Choccy is such a fun and playful little guy. He loves to play tag with the other puppies and is always on the move. He will come and plop himself right in front of you and roll over for some belly rubs. Once you get just the right spot he will kick his legs and stick his whole tongue out so you know you’re getting his best spot! Choccy would do great in a home with children or other dogs. Choocy is a Heeler mix and is about 4 months old.


Cricket is a special pup here at the shelter. When he arrived we quickly realized that Cricket is deaf. He is such a sweetheart though and loves to be around people. He is learning to walk on a leash but has been doing great. Cricket is so gentle and will sit and give you his paw while you pet him. He loves to be around other dogs and will do just about anything for a nice treat! Cricket is a Heeler mix and is around 4 months.



Cupid here is such a cutie and has such a fun personality. He is so silly but very smart. We are learning to walk on a leash so Cupid will belly walk around just wagging his tail. He is just so happy to be around people and other dogs. Cupid would make the best little family dog and you can ensure you will always have a smile on your face with Cupid around! Cupid is a Heeler mix and is about 4 months old.

Butterscotch is a playful girl that is always on the move. Butterscotch loves to play with toys and other puppies and is always up for a game of tug a war. Butterscotch has the softest fur that you will never want to stop petting! She is a Heeler mix and is around 4 months old.

Boomer is a fun loving puppy that is all about playing with his toys. Boomer would do great in a home that has children and other dogs to keep him company. Boomer is a Heeler mix and is about 4 months old.

Poppie is 5/5 puppy in her litter. These pups came to us in a really awful state and we have nursed them back to health which means now she is ready to get her chance at a furever home! Poppie may the only girl in her litter but she can handle her own. She is always right in the middle of all the wrestling matches and chases these boys all around. Her favorite game is tag and she is quite good at it. Poppie gets along with just about anyone and would do great in a home with other dogs and children.

Gristle is 4/5 pup in his litter. These pups came to us in a really awful state but we have nursed them back to health and they are now ready to thrive in their furever homes! Gristle is mostly solid white with piercing blue eyes. He is so handsome and has a great personality to him. He likes to spend his time with people and other dogs, and really gets along with almost anyone. Gristle likes to play with toys that squeak and make loud noises. He is learning how to walk an a leash and will learn just about anything with a treat.



Working at a shelter it is very hard to have favorites but this little guy Kermit has stolen our hearts. Kermit came to us as a kind of a feral kitten that was not sure about humans with a terrible eye infection. We nursed him back to health but we quickly realized that Kermit’s one eye could not be saved. He got it removed and was in such better spirits right after. Now he is the biggest love bug but is still getting use to his new life with 1 eye. He does get scared from loud noises and will hide under his bed so people miss him here at the shelter. He will need some time to get accumulated in his new home but he is very food motivated so with some treats and baby talk he is sure to come around.

Did you know we are FULL of kittens?! Whether you are looking to adopt an adult cat, teenage kitten, or young kitten….. we will find a fur baby for you! Come see us today and you can meet all of our little fluffs!




Baby Bell








All kittens photographed above are available for adoption!






Winky might be around 6 years old but he sure does have lots of energy left in him! He loves to run around in the yard and play chase. As soon as he is in the grass his little legs take off and he just enjoys bring under the sun. Winky will need a family to be teach him all the housebroken rules and with some patience and love he will listen to anything!








Bailey is one of the sweetest girls you will every meet! She loves to give hugs and kisses and follows you anywhere you go. As long as she is near you, she is happy! She walks pretty well on a leash and is learning to not pull. She loves to go on walks and even plays in the flowers when she sees some. You will never feel lonely with Bailey around.

Special thanks to Muenster Milling for the great food that they provide. If you would like to purchase food for the dogs at the shelter please contact Muenster Milling or D&L Farm and Home. For every bag purchased for the shelter Muenster Milling will donate food. https://muenstermilling.com/




Yogurt is as sweet and goofy as this fun little picture! Yogurt loves people and giving out the best kisses. Yogurt knows basic commands such as sit, stay, and paw, and Yogurt is also housebroken. Yogurt may have had some previous training before coming to our shelter that he still knows very well. Yogurt has been the best boy while he has been here and is ready to find his furever home!





Want to help Noah’s Ark? Check out our new Wish list!

  • Muenster Milling Perfect Bal
  • ance Elite Dog Food
  • Kitten purina one dry food- https://www.chewy.com/purina-one-healthy-kitten-formula-dry/dp/119347
  • Purina one kitten canned food- https://www.chewy.com/purina-one-healthy-kitten-chicken/dp/192836
  • Adult cat food- https://www.chewy.com/cat-chow-indoor-hairball-healthy/dp/200464
  • Cat litter – non-clumping- https://www.chewy.com/tidy-cats-247-performance-scented-non/dp/34290
  • Canned dog and cat food
  • Dawn dishwashing liquid
  • Puppy Pads
  • Bleach
  • Paper towels
  • Copy paper
  • Rubber dog toys
  • Old bath-size towels
  • Lysol Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Trash bags – 13 gallon and 39 gallon
  • Lysol spray
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Toilet paper
  • Easy Cheese
  • Liquid soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Rubber dog toys (such as Kongs)
  • Shelter hours: 11:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Closed Thursday and Sunday


Did you know that we have an up to date wish list on amazon? We thank you in advance for your generosity in supporting our small but mighty animal shelter! Below is the link that will direct you to our wish list.




We also have an updated wishlist on Chewy where we do most of our ordering below. Thanks so much for supporting your local animal shelter!






Puffin is just a cutie with such a big heart. Puffin loves people and loves to give kisses. He loves to run and play and just be a happy dog. He would benefit from some training has he has never been a leash and has some trouble being confident on the leash. We have been working hard with him on it and he has made so much progress with it! He will do anything to know that you are happy with him with words of encouragement, and he will just melt into your arms! Puffin is such a great dog and with some patience and lots of love he will be your best friend furever!





We wish to thank the following Veterinarians for all the spays, neuters and medical assistance given to our animals:

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