Application Form

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    Are you aware of the financial obligation involved in having a pet?

    Are you aware of the required veterinary care including (but not limited to) annual examinations, vaccinations,
    and licensing?

    Do you agree to provide routine veterinary care?

    Are you financially able to provide: Adequate food and shelter, annual vaccinations, exams and monthly
    heartworm, additional vet care for unexpected illness/injury, flea prevention, grooming and obedience training
    if necessary for the animal you wish to adopt?

    Do you currently have other pets?

    How many?
    Are they spayed/neutered?

    Are they current of vaccinations?

    Have you ever had a dog with parvo?

    if so: how long ago?
    Who will take care of the animal if you leave town?
    Do you rent your home?

    If yes please provide your landlord’s name and number
    How will you deal with behavior issues?
    What will you do with the pet if you move?