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  • Jan072017

    Your pet can lose a collar, but not a microchip

    MICROCHIPS!   Does your fur-baby have a microchip? Yes? GREAT!!! But wait, what about you, in the back, shaking your…

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  • Dec172016

    The Dog Days Are Over

    The Dog Days Are Over We, the staff at Noah’s Ark, have been swamped with countless intakes, scrubbing kennels, vaccinating…

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  • Sep292014

    Dr. Shelly’s Blog—-Watch That Halloween Candy

     Don’t let the kids leave their bags of Halloween candy lying around or you may be making an emergency trip…

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  • Aug212014

    Sonny’s Days

     Hello! My name is Sunny and this is my Blog. I call it Sunny’s Days. I am the NAAS mascot.…

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  • Jun162014

    You know what bugs Sunny? Bugs!

    I see my friends coming into the shelter everyday with fleas and ticks. We don’t have this problem here at…

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  • Jun062014

    Sunny here again!

    Today I want to talk about the summer heat. Now, I live in air conditioned comfort here at Noah’s Ark.…

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  • Jun062014

    Hello everybody! Meet Sunny.

        Sunny the shelter mascot here with my first ever blog entry. They tell me I am about 14…

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