• Jul282023
    adoption process- a dog and a woman

    Adoption process: Step-by-Step Guide

    Introduction Bringing a new pet into your life can be an incredibly rewarding experience, not only for you but also for the…

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  • Jul242023
    Senior shelter pet

    Caring for Senior Shelter Pets

    Are you looking for a new furry companion to add joy and love to your home? Consider adopting a senior shelter pet!…

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  • Jul242023

    💔 Urgent Shelter Needs! 🆘🏠

    WE NEED YOU 🗣️ Last night, our hearts sank as our Board member addressed the Gainsville City Council about the critical situation…

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  • Jul202023
    Animal shelter volunteer

    From Stray to Loved: The Transformative Impact of Animal Shelters

    Introduction When it comes to animal welfare and the overall well-being of our furry companions, animal shelters play a vital role. These…

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  • Sep252022

    Noah’s Ark Tropical Cruise Returns!

    Sunday OCT 2nd 2pm-6pm Lake Kiowa Lodge Pavilion, Lake Kiowa Texas Tickets available at Noah’s Ark, At the event or Call Donna…

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  • Aug232022

    Adopting cats with Ringworm…. it’s not that scary!!!

    Adopting Cats with Ringworm…it’s not that scary! Adopting is an exciting decision and just as you would prep for any new addition,…

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