Noah’s Ark Freedom Riders Transport Program

Noah’s Ark Freedom Riders Transport Program
June 21, 2022 Noah's Ark Animal Shelter
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Noah’s Ark started coordinating transports up North with partners to decrease the overpopulation issue we face in Cooke County. We travel from Gainesville, TX, to Illinois, Wisconsin, and even New Hampshire. We are trying toexpand to new partners in neighboring states as well! The spay and neuter laws are stricter and more followed in the Northern states, where they do not face as severe an overpopulation issue as we do in the southern states. We work to save lives by partnering up and transporting animals to their facilities! We have named the transport process “Freedom Riders” and are so proud of how well it is going! Some shelters reimburse what they can for the animals. Still, most of the cost per transport falls on Noah’s Ark. Each transport costs around $2,500, not including the vetting put into the animals, staff paid to care for them while in our care, food, and medication (if any) if needed. Although it is costly to participate in the Freedom Riders transport process, it is saving countless lives and emptying ourkennels to be able to take in more abandoned and unwanted pets in the area! Every transport is a win for us here and gives us a little breathing room to empty some kennels to prep for new fur babies to come into our facility. This program has beenlife-saving and changing for Noah’s Ark, and we strive daily to improve the quality of life of the fur babies in our care. By being able to transport animals out of our facility to partnering humane societies up North, we are saving lives in so many ways. We can send long-term residents overlooked in our shelter for months to other facilities where they are getting adopted out within days! We are freeing up kennel space to make room for homeless pets with nowhere to go! By taking in more animals, we are thoroughly vetting more animals, helping decrease overpopulation. As a 501c3 nonprofit, we cut the budget in every way we can without cutting corners on the quality of life and enrichment of the animals in our care. Any generosity given to our facility will help to continue to save lives, and if you cannot give, please share this program with others so we can broaden our support system. We thrive on donations from the public and are forever grateful for any support received!

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