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The Dog Days Are Over

The Dog Days Are Over
December 17, 2016 NOAHadmin

The Dog Days Are Over

We, the staff at Noah’s Ark, have been swamped with countless intakes, scrubbing kennels, vaccinating animals…but we are never too busy to appreciate a photographer that wanted to come to the shelter to take “Glamour Shots” of some of our adoptable fur-babies.

Bee, our photographer friend, read an article about a fashion photographer who wanted to help out an animal shelter in New York. With a white back drop, and a great flash, the photographer took pictures of the homeless dogs as if they were models preparing for a page in a magazine. The photographer later made a book featuring the portraits of dogs as a way to advertise and help get them adopted.

After reading this article, our photographer friend, quickly set up a time to come to the shelter to photograph some of our animals housed here. Armed with a fisheye lens and a friend, Bee braved the chilly weather and copious amounts of dog slobber to capture some of these great images!

While you’re scrolling through these images, you wont hear any Sarah McLachlan songs playing in the background…there are no sad puppy faces behind kennel bars, here! While some of these animals have been with us for months (even birth, sometimes), you would never suspect they even know they live in a shelter when you see these sweet, slobbery, happy faces!

And might I add, I think it was beyond a success!

What do you think? Featured are some of our dogs and cats that are currently available for adoption at the shelter!

The shelter has been pretty full with animals, and we did have a short lull in adoptions for a few weeks; we were in-taking more animals than we could adopt out! Fortunately, we did a huge “early Christmas” promo, and have adopted over 48 animals so far, this month!