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Your pet can lose a collar, but not a microchip

Your pet can lose a collar, but not a microchip
January 7, 2017 NOAHadmin



Does your fur-baby have a microchip? Yes? GREAT!!! But wait, what about you, in the back, shaking your head at this post? Your pets don’t have microchips? Oh, your pets have COLLARS! So you have no worries about them returning back to you should they escape from home-sweet-home? Right, so no need for microchips. Wait, no that’s not it…they don’t like needles…so giving a microchip is just out of the question, right?

My friends, you are wrong. Now, bear with me a minute, because I am about to rock your world with a real life story of a fat cat named Tony, a 50 mile journey across the Red River, and a little microchip.

Meet Tony :

Handsome, right? He actually prefers being called “debonair”, but it’s okay. He can’t read this.

Anyways, Tony calls Marietta, Oklahoma home, at a beautiful home on a huge ranch, and he loves rotisserie chicken, showing all of his canine siblings who is boss, and walking his saving angel to the office every morning, a woman named Susie who rescued him from a shelter. Tony doesn’t wear a collar…I mean, have YOU ever tried putting and keeping a collar on a cat? It’s like they automatically turn into lion Houdinis! He was microchip’d anyways…. 

He’s quite the character!

Tony went missing from his lavish home in December. Susie searched high and low for where he might be, and after 3 days began to worry that he might have become dinner for a coyote.

Now, put away those tissues! This isn’t one of those stories! 

Meanwhile, 50 miles away in Collinsville, Texas, another shelter-animal-savior named Kelley noticed an orange cat making his rounds around her property. Being the tenderhearted person she was, she fed him for a few days, noting that he wasn’t hurting for a meal, and decided to bring him to the shelter since none of her neighbors were missing their feline friend. I mean, he had no collar, but who can keep those collars on cats anyways? Obviously a stray cat.


When this orange hairball came through the shelter doors, he was immediately scanned for a microchip. You know what we heard? A big *BEEP**BEEP* and those beautiful, magical numbers lit on the screen, showing the staff that this big baby had a microchip and owners!! Nearly minutes later the staff had looked up the number and found the owners information…and it was none other than Susie, the gal from Oklahoma! 

We spent the next hours trying out different hypothesis on how Tony could have possibly made the trek…I mean, this isn’t Milo and Otis, ya know? Turns out he had climbed into his loving owners car, rode along as a stowaway to the shelter, where he bailed and became a stowaway into Kelley’s van and went home with her (Gotta love when our board members come help the shelter!).

Y’all….your pets can loose their collars. The can slip them off, they can break off, they can chew them off…heck, even a Good Samaritan could think it’s too tight or dirty or just not their color and take it off. Collars can get lost. MICROCHIPS don’t.

The size of a grain of rice, and are under all that fatty skin and hair, a microchip will never just *POP* out; they are for life. Microchips save thousands of pets lives, an reunites even more, every day. If you are still a skeptic, please visit a shelter! Take a look at all the animals that come in with no collars…it takes days, weeks, maybe even never, for an owner to be found and come in to claim if we don’t have a phone number or contact info to call…

But a microchip…y’all…microchips are the BEST, and we wanted to share with you our joyous story and hopefully maybe sway you to look into your pet getting a microchip!