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Sonny’s Days

Sonny’s Days
August 21, 2014 Nichole Pembroke

 Hello! My name is Sunny and this is my Blog. I call it Sunny’s Days. I am the NAAS mascot. My life is

great because humans bring me treats and pet my head. I am one lucky dog for sure!

I watch the world go by from my couch in the shelter lobby. It makes me very sad to see owners

bringing in their dogs to give to the shelter. Sometimes I hear humans say that they are moving and

cannot take their dog or cat with them. My old heart breaks looking at a scared dog or terrified cat that

will no longer have a family to love or a familiar bed to sleep in.

Please take some advice from an old dog that has been around the dog park a few times and try hard to

take your pet with you when move. There are links on the internet that will help you move with your

pet and have great helpful hints. Please explore and consider these links before you decide to bring your

pet to the shelter.

Thank you for reading my blog today!