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Noah’s Ark started coordinating transports up North with partners to decrease the overpopulation issue we face in Cooke County. We travel from Gainesville, TX, to Illinois, Wisconsin, and even New Hampshire. We are trying to expand to new partners in neighboring states as well! The spay and neuter laws are stricter and more followed in the Northern states, where they do not face as severe an overpopulation issue as we do in the southern states. We work to save lives by partnering up and transporting animals to their facilities! We have named the transport process “Freedom Riders” and are so proud of how well it is going!


Neuter is Cuter!

Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter of Gainesville, Texas believes this to be true for so many reasons. Neutered animals behave better, they are less likely to roam and get into fights, get hit by cars, and they do not add to the unwanted pet problem. If everyone believed that “Neuter was Cuter” we might not need shelters at all. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Noah’s Ark neuters all animals prior to adoption but is struggling to keep up financially due to the high intake of animals and the numbers of neutered animals transported to Northern shelters when the Ark is full. Noah’s Ark promotes a low-cost spay and neuter program in Gainesville, offering $50 vouchers for purchase to have their pet sterilized at participating veterinary clinics.


Veterans program

Noah’s Ark has always offered discounts on Adoption fees for Veterans. Many of our participating Veterinarian clinics also give discounts on services to Veterans.


Pet Food pantry

Noah’s Ark has a pet food pantry for those in need!